Zinsser B-I-N Aqua 2.5L

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B-I-N AQUA is a groundbreaking, water-based, 4-in-1 primer, that offers the same trusted performance advantages as the renowned B-I-N and more.


Following extensive market research, B-I-N AQUA has been developed as the results showed a gap in the decorating industry for a water-based alternative to our most renowned shellac product.   

Formulated directly based on this research, B-I-N AQUA will be invaluable to decorators everywhere. The ground- breaking water-based formula delivers ultra-low odour, exceptional odour blocking, stain-killing technology and lightning-fast drying times. 


Our mission with B-I-N AQUA was to achieve the lowest practicable VOC level and we’ve succeeded. With less than 0.1% VOCs, B-I-N AQUA achieves the British Coatings Federation’s Trace VOC Globe, highlighting the product as having the lowest practicable level of VOCs.


KINDER TO THE ENVIRONMENT: The innovative water-based formula contains only trace elements of VOCs (<0.1%).

KINDER TO YOUR PAINTBRUSH: Easy soap and water clean-up that’s less abrasive to brushes and rollers.

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Ultra-low odour makes for more comfortable paint application.

4-in-1 PRIMER-SEALER: Effectively primes, seals, blocks stains and locks in problem odours.

START FAST, FINISH FASTER: Lightning fast drying time of 25 minutes, recoatable in 45 minutes.

EXCELLENCE INSIDE & OUT: Suitable for a wide range of interior/exterior applications.



VARNISH: With an advanced, high-hiding formulation, B-I-N AQUA can be used as a full-surface primer on varnish, glossy paint, wood panels, building boards, PVC, plywood, concrete and more.

STAINS & TANNIN BLEED: B-I-N AQUA’s specialist, stain-killing formula efficiently blocks tannin bleed and water, grease, oil, mildew, crayon and lipstick stains.

KNOTS & SAP STREAKS: B-I-N AQUA delivers effective knot blocking and seals resin and sap streaks.

SMOKE & FIRE: Brilliant for priming damaged surfaces, B-I-N AQUA blocks smoke stains and seals odours from fire damage, nicotine, soot, fireplaces and heaters.


Theoretical coverage 9m²/litre.

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SKU: ZN615028

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Brand: Zinsser

Colour: White

Size: 2.5L

Type: B-I-N Aqua

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